About Your Lake James Association

Lake James Association was formed over fifty years ago “for the purpose of making the Lake James area a better place in which to live…” Today we still strive to protect and improve our lake environment. Our mission statement that was rewritten just a few years ago states: OUR MISSION IS TO AID AND PROMOTE THE ENHANCEMENT AND PRESERVATION OF LAKE RESOURCES, LAND USE, AND SAFE RECREATION OPPORTUNITIES OF THE LAKE. We realize this is a very broad statement but LJA has a broad range of events, activities, projects, and benefits to accomplish. Just to name a few:

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    LJA provides a wonderful lake directory each spring for a comprehensive list of residents, members, business advertisers, information, entertainment, photos, and even recipes.

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    LJA contracts a solid waste removal firm for lower rates to its members.

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    LJA has an ongoing project with the help of grants from the Indiana Lakes and Rivers Enhancement to identify, diagnose, discover feasibility, and finally construct improvements to the Lake James watershed, especially the Croxton Ditch project.

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    LJA sponsors many activities, holds events, and makes contributions to organizations (such as SCURRT) in the area.

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    LJA encourages safe boating through boating classes, signs, buoys, and hazard flags.

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    Lake James Association tries to keep its members informed through Constant Contact e-mails, newsletters, directory articles, meetings and Facebook. We are always open to suggestions, concerns, and questions. Just talk to your director.

2021 officers
President Jeff Bell jlbell.lja@gmail.com 260-740-6814
Vice-President Rene Scheimann renefishwoman@yahoo.com 260-668-0624
Secretary Joe Willig j.willig@att.net 630-235-4022
Treasurer Karren Snell klsnell@live.com 260-833-6762

2021 board of directors
Lone Tree Point Cheryl Kline
Larry Lyman
Joe Willig
Glen Eyre Beach/Mt. Park Jim Somers somersjg@aol.com 260-833-9852
Glen Eden Springs Carol Bruick
Connie Gilman
Willowdale/Crusoe Point Max Robison mrobison01@aol.com 260-833-2083
Red Sand Beach Bill Hartsuff thehartsuffs@hotmail.com 260-665-8253
Sowles Bay Jim Thompson lakotahjim@yahoo.com
GrandView North/Grand View Barb Stukey
Karren Snell
Venice Estates/Lagoona Park Joe Sweeney JMSwee@frontier.com 260-833-4655
Palty Town East & West Jim Parsell jparsell@frontier.com 260-833-2460
Potawatomi Acres/Sunny Shores Mike McBride lakejamesmike@gmail.com 260-833-1853
Whisper Bay/Feick Point Frank Baad frank@bmccanopy.com 260-833-1232
Spring Point/Hickory Point Anne Reitz annereitz@frontier.com 260-833-6929
South Bay Condos/Pleasant Point Sue Carlin sandtcarlin@gmail.com 419-633-7054
Bay View/Oak Hill/Rosedale Bruce Hamilton brucehamilton8706@gmail.com 260-312-1312
Old Ford Plat Randy Strebig randy.strebig@strebigconstruction.com 260-466-3961
Roby Place/Uncle Tom’s Plat Flaim Cupp flaimcupp@gmail.com 260-833-4838
Gray’s Landing/Eli’s Point Michelle Armstrong hvacarmstrong@aol.com 260-316-7800
Phillip’s Bay Estates/The Landings George Weller gvweller@wwweller.org 260-577-5225
Pokagon View Doug Atkinson datkinson1902@yahoo.com 260-409-1788
Lake James Estates East/West Julie Wert
Kreibaum’s Bay/Pokagon Woods to be announced
Eagle Island/ Timber Bay to be announced

2021 directors at large
Terry Lewis terrylewis26@yahoo.com 927-841-6093
Cory Archbold cory@drydockboats.com 260-833-2492
Amy Sharrow a.sharrow1971@aol.com 260-243-0967
Greg Phelps greg.phelps@cairsolutions.com 317-652-7696

2021 committees and representatives